Tuesday, 20 March 2012

TFGM Cycle Challenge

I'm working on  a new cycle challenge for Greater Manchester with TfGM and CTC Challenge for Change. The idea is to get lots of people to try riding a bike for the challenge and perhaps remind them of how much fun it can be.

The challenge is a competition between local businesses and organisations where they compete to get the biggest proportion of their employees to ride a bike during the challenge.

The challenge itself runs from 14th May to 5th June but we're keen to sign up businesses as soon as possible to give time to encourage the non-cyclists and occasional cyclists to have a go. Participants only need to cycle for 10 minutes to qualify and there are loads of prizes and incentives.

Please contact me at seamus.kelly@ctc.org.uk for more information or for help getting your business or organisation registered or alternatively you can go to our website at


Please let friends and colleagues know about the challenge.

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