Friday, 23 March 2012

BMW and Audi - Safety Recall

I'm sorry to announce a major safety recall of all models of BMW and Audi cars.

The recall, covering all saloon, estate, coupe and hatchback models dating from 1995 to the current models., is in response to serious and life-thretening safety issues affecting approximately 90% of these models.

Two major faults have been identified and all owners should stop using their vehicles with immediate until they have been checked by an approved dealer.

The faults both affect the braking system of the vehicles;

  • The first fault affects the ability of the vehicle to stop at the first solid white line of an ASL when a red light is showing - however slowly the driver approaches the red light the brakes cannot bring it to a stop until the vehicle is well across the stop line and sometimes across the second stop line.
  • The second fault also affects the braking system when approaching a light which has turned red such that when the driver presses the brake pedal the system misinterprets the instruction and increases the throttle causing the car to speed through the lights. In extreme cases the system will even change gear to enable the vehicle to accelerate more quickly.
Clearly this kind of system failure puts the vehicle occupants, other road users and pedestrians at considerable risk, hence the need to recall all affected vehicles.

Should the manufacturers be unable to resolve theses issues then further action may be required which could involve a major safety recall of all the licences of affected drivers.


  1. There's also a fault with the windscreen: an optical distortion in which close objects can appear more distant.

    1. And very close objects are totally invisible?