Friday, 16 March 2012

Back to Basic - 4 - Ready?

Well another good week with 110miles of commuting, a good proportion of that being off road. Tomorrow should be a recovery day so that my somewhat tired legs will be ready for the Witches Curse on Sunday.

Has the training done enough, would I be ready? 

Unfortunately I won't find out because the event has been postponed until September due to circumstances beyond the organiser's control. Not sure what happened but was the event cursed from the start?

Problem now is what to do about the entry. By September the Back to Basics training should have me well beyond the shorter version so leaving the entry standing would be a waste. I can use it to enter something else so could go for the longer and even hillier version or maybe I'll go for the Phil and Friends event in the Peak District. Interested to know what others think.

Either way I'm getting to like the training without too much extra technology and I think I'll carry on using the same techniques through the year and see what condition it brings.

What will the training include?
  • Riding bikes whenever possible
  • Mountain biking
  • Commuting
  • Road biking
  • Riding up loads of hills (easy to find round here)
  • Turbo trainer when necessary
  • Riding on feel
  • Fun
  • Keeping note of how much I've done
  • Plotting routes on computer and maps
What it won't include:
  • HRM / Pulse meters
  • Power measurement
  • Detailed training plans
  • Pressure
I'll probably let anyone interested know how it is going.

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