Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sharing the Roads - Safety Quiz

The following quiz is for cyclists and drivers alike. The "A" responses are split for cyclists and drivers simply pick the appropriate answer, if like most cyclists you are also a driver you could.

As you go through make a note of your selected multiple choice answers and check them at the end and see what sort of road user you are.


1) The traffic light ahead is about to turn red, what do you do?

A (drivers)  - Press the throttle to accelerate so as not to get caught out by the light
A (cyclists) - Keep pedaling bikes don't really need to stop
B - Ease up and stop if the light is red - there will be a green along in a minute
C - How do I know if it might turn red?

2) What do you do at advanced stop lines when the lights are red?

A (drivers) - Drive into the box as long as there's no bikes in it
A (cyclists) - Move ahead of the traffic and put my bike ahead of the box
B - Stop behind the box in my car or in the box on my bike
C - What are advanced stop lines?

3) How much room should you allow when passing a cyclist?

A) (drivers) - Enough so my car won't get messed up
A) (cyclists) - A foot or so, I'll be past quickly so they'll hardly know I'm there
B) - The same as passing another vehicle and at least a metre
C) - Cyclist! what cyclist?

4) If a cyclist is riding well out into the road approaching a junction what do you do?

A) (drivers) - rev the engine, beep and pass as fast an close as possible to teach them a lesson
A) (cyclists) - pass on the inside, make a comment or offensive gesture to teach them a lesson
B) - Wait patiently behind as he's probably making sure he is safe until past the junction
C) - Junction! what junction!

5) A long queue of cars has formed and you want to turn right about 5 cars along. What do you do?

A) - Pass those 5 cars on the wrong side of the road indicating to make it alright
B) - Wait until you can make the turn correctly from your own side of the road
C) - How many cars did you say?

How did you do?

Mostly "A"s - You are a facist driver/cyclist! You shouldn't be allowed to share our roads and your vehicle should be melted down to make speed cameras.

Mostly "B"s - You are patient and respect other road users. I'm happy to share the roads with you, even if you are a little too good for your own good!

Mostly "C"s - You really aren't trying are you. I'm not sure you should be on the roads at all, even when you've sobered-up.

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