Thursday, 29 December 2011

Cyclists Dismount

Am I the only one who gets fed up with poor information, poor signage and crap road design?

One of my favourites is the "Cyclists Dismount" sign, there's one at the end of my street. This is a sign that clearly tells cyclists what to do, in pretty direct and demanding tone, yet it actually carries no weight at all. The "Cyclists Dismount" sign is actually purely advisory, it has no legal force and as such it should surely ask or advise e.g. "cyclists please dismount". When I don't dismount people on foot or in cars assume I'm being irresponsible and breaking the rules; I'm not, the sign itself is giving a wrong impression.

If there is a genuine need for cyclists to dismount then there is a correct sign in the Highway Code, the "No Cycling" sign. Of course that can't be used in places where we are actually allowed to cycle so local authorities keep using the "Cyclists Dismount" sign.

There are lots of other silly things that the authorities do relating to signs, road layouts etc. and some of these will be included in this blog under the label "Cyclists Dismount"

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